What is Winaero Tweaker?

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Winaero Tweaker is a software application that allows users to dig deep into otherwise hidden settings in Windows 10, 8 and 7.

Winaero tweaker basically performs registry tweaks that any user could do in regedit, except in a much more streamlined. They also have very good documentation with thorough explainations of each tweak and documentation of all the features.

I have posted a video to Odysee previewing some of the most useful settings and tweaks that I personally use on my Windows 10 computer.

I plan to make a more detailed video going over each of the tweaks presented in the first video.

Please let me know if there is any software you would like for me to make a review video of and/or just want to let me know about because it is interesting please send me an email at hello@akaroot.net or leave a comment in the comment section on Odysee/LBRY.

I plan on making a section on this site dedicated to listing all the software/tools I use for my personal and professional life. As I progress through reviewing each tool I will append the links to the list.

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